Bharati Park Puducherry and closing time

Opening Time : 06:00, Closing Time : 21:00
Location: Ranga Pillai St Puducherry
Approximate visiting time: 30 min plus traveling time

Bharati Park is in the green centre of the French Town and its lush trees provide ample relief from the scorching sun on a hot summer day. With children playing in the ponds, on the hill or in the traffic park, grown-ups sitting or lying on granite benches, families on a picnic and occasional sit-ins of striking citizens, the park is the most appreciated public area in the town. Strolling under the cool trees is as dynamic as it gets unless people rush to the spot when an occasional movie is being shot. The Aayi Mandapam has become the unmistakable centre from which four lanes divide the Park in almost equal parts. The area is dotted with ancient sculptures and not so ancient statues. Around it stand a number of stately buildings: Raj Nivas, Museum, houses an interesting collection of excavated artefacts from the Roman Times and heritage from the French Period. Towards the east, hidden behind a thick wall and huge trees lies the former French bandstand on which the French Army Band used to play.